Affordable Mother's Day Gift Ideas

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and with less that a week to go, what do you buy for the special lady in our lives? (or if you’re a Mum yourself, what could you subtly ask someone to buy for you?)

Expensive can be wonderful, but sometimes those that cost less, and have more thought, are much more personal and sentimental. 

So, here is my little gift guide to 10 affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas, that most Mum’s will love! 

Personalised Jewellery

Nothing is more special than something sentimental, and personalised jewellery is exactly that. Some to wear and keep, that has been lovingly chosen and designed with the recipient in mind. For all my personalised jewellery, I visit Stanley & Maud online. Myself and Charlotte have been ‘insta-friends’ for a long time, and last year I purchased 2 hand-finished sterling silver necklaces. Charlotte endeavours to produce the best quality jewellery, sourcing all her stock and materials from within the UK, and has been featured (most recently) in Vogue Magazine too! Unfortunately, it’s too late to order a personalised piece, however, she does sell gift vouchers meaning a beautiful piece (or 2!) can be chosen at a later date. 


Most Mum’s love Candles, including me! and this one from Aldi’s ever-popular ‘Jo Malone’ range, in my favourite fragrance, ‘Peony Blush’, is beautiful and most importantly very affordable. Unlike the Jo Malone 200g candle (which I REALLY love!) priced at £45; this Aldi version is larger, at 290g, and is priced at just £3.99… a perfect little gift! 


The perfect, affordable, home accessory! Cushions! Available just about everywhere, in every colour (or pattern) imaginable… and this little cushion is available in 2 sizes from M&S! This is the smaller £12 version, and the detailing is just perfect! It is also available as a larger £17.50 size too! 

Faux Flowers

Flowers are simply perfect for Mother’s Day but faux flowers are even better as they will last forever; and as they have become more popular, they have also become very realistic too. Faux flowers can cost more money per stem than fresh ones, however, this does enable you to buy just a few stems at a time, gradually building the most beautiful arrangement. Find a good flower wholesaler, to save money and purchase directly.

A Doormat

For the Mum who likes the little extra Home Decor gift. These doormat’s from Next are excellent value and quality, and would coordinate into most homes too! At just £6 for the Grey Star Doormat, and £12 for the Heart Embossed Doormat, they are an ideal present.

A Treat Tin

This ‘Mum’s Treat Tin’ is one of the most lovely little items I have seen in the shops this Mother’s Day, and is perfect to gift with small items inside too! It is finished in a beautiful pink, taupe and marble design, with blush gold text, and at only £1 from Poundland, it is a must buy! 

An Emma Bridgewater Mug

I have loved Emma Bridgewater for years! and the quality of their hand finished mug’s is always fantastic. I particularly love the detail on their 1/2 pint mugs, especially the ’Mum’ mugs. They are usually £19.95, however they are currently reduced to £14.95 (with delivery in time for Mother’s Day).


Let Mum pamper herself with this Moisture Burst Face Wash from Sanctuary. It is gentle enough to use daily, both morning and night, and the refreshing cleanser features bursting Jojoba beads, nourishing Almond Oil, and has a gorgeous fragrance too. Priced from £2.99 for 30ml, to £8 for 100ml, its the ideal treat for Mum on Mother’s Day morning. 

Salted Caramel Puddles

Quite simply, Mum’s love chocolate. Really good chocolate. Chocolate that says the first ingredient is Cocoa. More Cocoa, Less Sugar. Exactly as Hotel Chocolat do… and if you haven’t tried their Salted Caramel Puddles, you are missing out. They are bite-sized puddles of mellow caramel-milk chocolate with just the right amount of salt added. They are delicious, and beautifully presented in their hand-tied ribbon bag. At just £6 for 115g, or 2 for £10, they are an ideal treat for Mum. 

Fragranced Home 

If like me, the person you are buying for has a favourite fragrance for their home, then put a smile on their face with more products! I LOVE Lenor spring awakening. My love for it began years ago, simply from using the Softener in every wash; and growing up with Lenor in our home as a child. Over the last few years, the Spring Awakening range has evolved into many other products, including these which I love; room spray, fabric refresher spray, and tumble dryer sheets too! With prices from just £1, they are a welcome affordable addition to any home (or Mum!).

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! 


Kelly x

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