My Blogging Plan

So, after much more planning,
I have decided to write and upload a new blog post twice a month;
on the 1st and 3rd Friday.
When I say 'decided', what I actually mean is -
'that sounds like a very simple and organised way to do this'
and 'I will really try to be disciplined too'...

I've got a long list of ideas, photos to take and notes made;
and I'm feeling ready and excited to get writing, and to no doubt re-write a few times too, until I am happy and ready to upload, alongside trying to post more regularly on Instagram too.

In recent weeks I've been thinking about my work/life balance,
and have been reflecting on the importance of doing things you enjoy and make you happy...
I have a really big interest and love for all things 'home',
and hope I can share this with you throughout some of my upcoming posts...

Kelly x

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