The Best Vacuum*

One of the most essential items in any home, has to be the Vacuum Cleaner; and being an interior-obsessed Mum, it needs to be remarkable.

I have been really lucky to have previously product reviewed for Shark; so when they sent me the NV700UKT Lift-Away to review, I knew this would be another amazing product.

From the moment I unboxed the NV700UKT, we knew it was going to be good.
It is a solid, well balanced upright vacuum, and all the fittings and attachments are exceptionally good quality…
…and it’s Dark Grey and Rose Gold finish is simply perfect!

Nothing can prepare you for how good their vacuum cleaner's really are…
(and how much cleaner it immediately makes your home).
The first time we used our Shark, we honestly lost count of how many times we emptied it...and after vacuuming the house top to bottom twice, it was still picking up dirt!

I really cannot fault this Shark Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner;
from its strong suction,
to the effortless transition from hard floors to carpet,
the simplicity of using the ‘lift-away’ technology,
the ease of emptying the vacuum,
to the front lights -
perfect for illuminating the floor ahead of you to ensure no dirt is missed.
I would recommend this to anyone, without hesitation!

Prior to working with Shark, we owned a cordless Dyson, and until then I thought that their handheld device was the best product available to clean our home.
How wrong I was!
Needless to say, the cordless Dyson was immediately replaced by Shark
(sorry Dyson!)… and we have become very loyal, converted Shark owners ever since.

Shop with Shark here
(*Currently priced at only £199.99 - instead of £299.99!)

Kelly x

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